Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Before it's too late...

Finally we had came to the last session of JFN... today's teaching was quite fast, so Wee Seng spent the rest of the time challenging us to think of how we can act wisely... He also shared his regrets which i think is my regret too... that we all had spent too much of our time outside in Christian activities that we did not spend time to talk to our parents..

Now, like what he had shared, i had difficulty communicating with my parents... my conversation w my dad nowadays is less than 10 sentences.. i dun seem to know what to talk to him le... so i always ask him how's his day.. which is the same everyday... Maybe i need to do something to salvage the r'ship.. well.. think i shall start brushing up my Chinese chess during this holiday.. such that even i got nothing to say to him, we can still spend time tog... As for my mum, i think she is easier because she talks a lot.. so just let her talk.. and mi 'listen' loz..


sernkhoon said...

Right, so you graduate from JFN after the weekend retreat.

What next?

weez9al said...

continue as a DG member?