Thursday, May 19, 2005

Went to airport again...

yup.. went to send some people off today.. It was such a coincidence that both Grace and Charmain are leaving to Europe tonight and that their flights are just 10 mins apart from one another.. Nothing really special... cuz they are just going for 1 month... duhz..
Saw **n... and she told me mel's condition... that she's in NUH now.. lotsa memories really flashed back manz... and.. dunno why.. mel always have the ability to affect my emotions.. maybe i really do care for her.. yet.. there seem to be nothing i can do.. nahz.. i will be okay.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, so that's why you wanted to talk yesterday. Sorry. I had to rush off.

She is out of NUH already. (Hmm... but against medical advice.)

The hard truth is... there are many Christians out there who suffers from depression.

It's hard to associate Christians with depression, negative thoughts, self-hate, etc etc. But I'm glad I was reminded in jfn this week that we are still living in the presence of sin and will continue to struggle with sin. Just because she is suffering from this condition does not make her any less a believer.

The issue of whether she is saved, we leave it to God. Our role? To remind and encourage each other of the gospel.

Don't worry about her not replying your sms. She will appreciate your concern. =)

Whichever you wish to name me,
A** ; *n* ; **n


GunBlad3 said...

(Hmmm...I wonder who that was...)