Monday, May 02, 2005

Former-president Wee pass away...

Heard the news this evening... that our former-Prez Wee Kim Wee passed away this morning... the news made a special report on the bibliography of this dead person... and that was then I think he was quite a remarkable leader.. humble and sincere... He had a poverty-stricken childhood then started work at the age of 15 as a clerk, then, like Chris Chia, a journalist in Strait Times... then a diplomat before becoming our President in 1985. But what really caught me by surprise is that he was a God fearing leader... though i do not know if he believe in Jesus or not; but he did said this phrase in great humility.. "In the eyes of God, all man is the same.. if you take away the title of president from me, i am not different from the taxi driver..."

It was during the news report.. that i also realised that I know little of the leaders of Singapore.. though i lived in S'pore for more than 20 years... and i'd never prayed for them or thanks God for them... I was quite ashamed to have taken the peace and freedom in Singapore for granted without recognising that it was God who allows it... but who had recognised it?

Yes.. in the eyes of God, all man is the same because all man had sinned against God... and all man needs Jesus.

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