Friday, August 06, 2004

My Very Very Very First...

Finally, finally... after so many months of considerations, I am into this blogging business liaoz... the so called "dark side" defined by Theresa...*hee* And yes...! I am really really very excited now, because I am going to share part of my life and penny of my thoughts on this public site...! This is indeed something very new to me cuz never do I share my thoughts and experiences to anyone that I am not comfortable with.

True indeed, i must agree with Yifen that blogging is not the true expression of oneself (quote from Yifen), but I really feel that I get to know some ppl better thru reading theirs. At the very least, I can know what had happened to them on 6 Aug and about their view on certain stuff. Some very great examples will be theresa, yongjie, chin cher and ray, I really get to know them a bit better thru reading their blog. you know what, I actually began to like theresa after I had read her blog... hey Tree! I'm your great fan...! =) Thanks to Theresa and Yongjie, for encouraging me to start this blog yesterday, if not, all of us will not be reading this page about me.

Alas... 130 pm now... gotta go and meet my fren now... shall continue this excitement later... :)

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tree said...

I don't know what to make of it... you like me only after reading my blog? Haha! C'mon, I'm sure i'm more lovable than that in person! Well anyway, I'm really flattered you surf by my blog regularly. I'm enjoying ur blog too. =)