Saturday, August 07, 2004

The "seafood"....

Well... guess i really spend a great deal of time communicating my thoughts on the "seafood"... wonder if any kind soul have had the patience to read it thru... ya! Anyway the seafood dinner for Andrew is good... =) at least he ate quite a lot of shelled stuff... =P and we had lotsa fun together at the arcade center... playing photohunt and the "3 colors 3 players hitting game" (=p dunno the name of the machine). I am really very happy, probably because of no guilt, probably because of the little beer that I took, or probably just because of the accompany... whatever it may be... I am really glad.
However thru'out the night, I didn't have much chance to catch up with Andrew before he left... something I felt a bit regret of... cuz i know that i'm gonna miss him when he's not around, just like when Peishan, Danny, Ziyang and Sam is not around. Really hope that he will cont to keep us in contact when he's over there... *smile*

Alright... time for me to sleep! gotta 830 lecture tml... =S

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Beachboy_LoveYa said...

hugs. I'll miss you too huiqing..and of course i'll keep in contact when i'm over there..=)