Thursday, August 26, 2004

The True Joy...

I am so overjoyed to hear from tree that her grandma received Christ into her life today. I am even more encouraged by her... having the courage to bring a stranger, who can speak Hainanese, to talk to her grandma about Jesus Christ... Hearing her story... sharing her joy, has lighten up a flame in my heart. I suddenly feel that i shall too... try to share the gospel with my only granny left on earth.

I had always been indifferent when i'm at my uncle's house. I never thought of talking about Christ to my granny when i'm @ tamah jurong (my uncle's house), cuz my uncle and dad will be around. My dad had been threatening to 断绝父女关系 whenever i talk abt Jesus; and my uncle was very upset that i'd become a Christian, and that i didn't hold the joss sticks during one of the funeral. So everytime, if I'm there to visit my granny... i will just utter a prayer for them ( my granny, cousin and uncle)... and nothing more... so apathetic!

Tree's incident encourages me a lot... guess I shall pray more for them, rather once in a blue moon when i visited them. And that to start thinking how can i bring the gospel to them.

Told my sister about tree's grandma story... she was so touched that there is some tears in her eyes! Really hope that she can one day too acknowledge that she is a Christian, and experience this Joy... the joy to be IN Christ.


tree said...

I really thank God for your encouragement too! You've been a blessing and while listening to your struggle at home, I'm more firm about working my ways through any hard work in my evangelism at home! I'm praying for my Sis too! Let's keep each other's sister in prayer! Take care, girl!

yifen said...

Press on Huiqing! :) Continue to stand firm for our Lord Jesus. Will be keeping you in prayer. :)