Monday, August 23, 2004

sc443 assignment... completed!

Oh manz... after 2 sleepless night, I finally kinda complete the second assignment of SC443... which is to render a 3D scene of a school compound. Well here is a link...for those who are interested to see the product of my one and a half week work. After this assignment, I thought I can at least rest and catch up with some friends and of course... my other subjects. To my dismay, when I went to the SC443 lecture this afternoon.... Parasak announced the third assignment...#@$!%*#%.... haiz... guess that's school life lahz... endless assignments and tutorials!
Anyway, I wanna thank those people, whoever you may be, for the concern you had shown while you see me looking stressed and tired... i'm ok .. and i hope to be able to be there for you too, when the table is turned. Anyway, to all school kidz... がんばいて ("ganbaite" which means all the best!)


tree said...

Impressive! I've just checked out the work you hand it, great! Hey, don't worry about the 4 timing thing -- my friends also didn't read that part and submitted only one day and one night scene. Great to see new updates from u! I've been wondering what happened to you! Keep working hard in school and in God's ministry!

taiyongchieh said...

Continue to press the on button.
Will check out your game when I have the time.

GunBlad3 said...

it's nice!
though it nearly crashed my comp from eating up most of my avail memory =D

The website...the thanking for the really funny!!!!!