Monday, August 09, 2004

The National Day...

Today is the 39th National Day of S'pore, and it's also the day when Andrew leaves for his exchange program in the States. Mi went to the airport to sent him off in the morning and saw 张善伟 and his crazy fans there. Come to think of that, he is no different from normal people, haha =D... so he can't steal the limelight from our Andrew Zhang...Anyway at 1 odd, Andrew went into the departure hall & we headed to BK. Had our lunch... talk some stuff... then head home; while mi and Grace went to Ray's home to take some stuff b4 going to the fireworks outing. Saw Ray's doggie, Blackie... it is so so so cute.... He gotta big bright eyes that look adorably at mi and my ice-cream...Awhhhhh.... とても かばいい ですぬ (very cute desune)...

Then we went to City Hall, make 4 new PRC friends- Huang Zhao, Song Fei, Guixiang and Yan Shan. Really hope that they had enjoyed our fellowship, and would like to continue to come with us.

Watching fireworks on the Benjamin Shear's Bridge is quite a big yawn... cuz it's quite far fr the stadium and there many cars roaring by. One very funny thing that happened on the bridge while watching fireworks is that whenever a long and tall container-lorry pass by, and block the view, all people on the bridge would "Oie" loudly together then burst into laughter for our "unity"... haha... =p

Lastly... Happy Birthday Singapore and ya Happy Birthday Ger!

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taiyongchieh said...

I think you "Oie!!!" the loudest right?