Sunday, August 08, 2004

Silent Reader's Innocent Verdict =)

I'm really thankful for all my friends, affirming me that it's not my fault regarding the Silent Reader's Issue... if not i will just go on thinking that i had caused a hooha... Anyway after posting the last blog yesterday... deem it was making a mountain out of a mole! I seem to have over-reacted... haiz... 真是小题大做啊... ^_^! Anyway, thank you, reader, for torturing that do disegard any bad concerns, thinking that I am still feeling bad. I ain't in bad spirit anymore, in fact it's not a bad thing to have cleared the bad misunderstanding about some bad issue before it turns really bad... =p *smile*

1 comment:

Han Min said...


hahaha... just visited your blog for the first time=) Was going to do it yesterday, but I wasn't feeling very well again when I got home.

Nice blog=) I like what you've done with it=)

Oh, would it surprise you very much if I told you that you don't really have to watch out for your spelling or your sentence structure when you blog? afterall, it IS your personal blog.. you can be as messy as you want=)

God bless!